Maqui Berry's Reign: The Antioxidant Monarch

In lands where ancient whispers gently sway,

Maqui Berry reigns as the king today.

An antioxidant legend, a crown so bright,

In every sip and bite, a source of light.


Natives knew its secret, a sacred lore,

Maqui's power, a tradition to adore.

With colors deep, a royal purple hue,

Its vitality and life, forever true.


In reverence, they cherished, generation to generation,

Maqui's gift, their prized elation.

A legacy of health, a vibrant crown,

In Maqui Berry's depths, nature's secrets are found.


In every vibrant berry, life's story unfolds,

A promise of vitality, a tale of old.

So let us honor, in every sip we share,

Maqui Berry's reign, a treasure rare.


- Forager

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