Chlorella's Song of Life: A Gift from the Ages

In waters deep, where sunlight's dance begins,

Chlorella, ancient, with resilience wins.

A tale of life that spans the eons past,

In every cell, a story unsurpassed.


From primordial seas to modern day,

Chlorella's journey, a resilient display.

Through ages, it endured, its vigor vast,

A testament to nature's strength amassed.


In vibrant green, its chlorophyll does gleam,

A symbol of vitality, like a dream.

A powerhouse of nutrients, it stands tall,

A gift from Earth, for one and all.


Sustainability, its sacred creed,

In aqua farms, it multiplies with speed.

A promise to the planet, we uphold,

Chlorella's story, timeless and bold.


In every tiny cell, a world complete,

A testament to nature's grandest feat.

So let us honor, in every sip and bite,

Chlorella's endurance, its ancient light.


- Forager

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